Lucy on the Eve of Ghost Town

(Apologies for the title – it scans with “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and it amused my tiny mind when I thought about it)

A significant portion of the world seems to be waiting for the arrival of Ghost Town, which will finally be released in the early morning over here for me in the UK.  I will be asleep!  I am not a bad fan, just an exhausted one trying to recover from a chest infection, and also one that has to get up for work in the morning.  The song will still be there when I get up, so I’m sure it won’t be long before I hear it.

It’s been an extremely busy 24 hours for Adam’s hardcore fans; the artwork for the album cover was released overnight, showing the pared down, “less is more” look that now seems to be his new image.


Pic credit: Warner Bros

There have been days of snippets about Ghost Town, which to be honest I’ve not taken a huge amount of notice of; I’d much rather wait and hear the whole thing, then I can have a proper idea of what it’s like.

I prefer real surprises, and I got one; there was something of a Twitterquake around midday UK time.

My poor phone, it’s taken so much punishment since the beginning of this year when I started on this mad journey. I picked it up to silence a sudden flood of alerts and found a bunch of fairly incoherent (but extremely funny) tweets from QAL fans that I follow.  It was mostly about people who thought they were dying, so I hope they’ve recovered over the last few hours.  I shan’t name the guilty, but you know who you are! J

Amongst all this mayhem, there was a link to a list of tracks on The Original High which had been published on iTunes New Zealand.  And three words against a track called Lucy: “featuring Brian May.”  At almost the same time, Queen Online delivered the news of a tour date in Chile.

Pic credit: Steph Teague

Pic credit:

Well, he’s gone and done it.  Brian is on Adam’s new album and QAL fans nearly broke the internet.  I’d really been hoping for this, had even had a strong feeling that this would happen, particularly since seeing Adam’s reaction to one of the red carpet reviews at the Brit Awards in January.  When asked if there was any collaboration with Queen on the new album, he couldn’t resist a giggle.

To say there has been an outpouring of joy is putting it mildly, but this is the best sort of vindication for everyone.  It certainly made the day of this hard-hearted old Queenie.

First of all, Brian has well and truly put his money where his mouth is; since QAL came into being (and before) his support of Adam has been constant.  While the haters might have been horrified at him labelling Adam a “gift from God” and other such terrible compliments, the collaboration has brought delight to both sets of fans and we’re more than happy to accept Brian’s view of the situation.

Brian’s opinions of Adam are always candid and heartwarming; in a November 2014 interview from Team Rock, he stated that he thought that Queen’s “arena” days were over, but has been delighted through QAL to discover that they’re not.  And if he’s delighted, so are we.

Taking part in Adam’s new album is another step on that journey, and what an exciting, tantalising one it is for us.

It also justifies our own opinions as fans; we’ve watched this incredible bond developing and now it’s being cemented into recording.  Now we’re all hoping that this is the start of something more.

Pic credit: Getty Images

Pic credit: Getty Images

For Adam’s long-term fans (as I am a mere newbie), this is a vindication of nearly six years of faithful support.  I salute you guys; you put yourselves into this for the long haul, whereas I merely tripped over Adam due to the genius of someone at the BBC.

So, to the song:  Lucy.

Will it be performed at Rock in Rio?  Elsewhere on the South American tour, so temptingly called “Don’t Stop Them Now”?  Will there be a possibility that the set will contain any more of Adam’s new songs?  Too many questions.

All we know at the moment is that one, tiny piece of information, that Brian has had input into this song.  We don’t know whether he’s going to be playing, singing, or both, or indeed whether he’s co-written it with Adam.  Hopefully all will be revealed soon.  The only tiny piece of information we do know is that Brian took a trip to LA in November 2014 and there was a bit of a hoo-haa as the Red Special had its own plane seat.  This might have been when a recording was laid down.

It will be intriguing to know about the style of the song; neither Queen nor Adam seem to have written or recorded much in the way of songs that feature names so this is a departure on both sides.

In an extremely old track by Brian called The Night Comes Down (from their first album), there is the line “Lucy was high and so was I”.  This song was written only a few years after the likes of Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds and its overt references to drug use. There is almost a hint of the Beatles at the start of it before it morphs into prog rock.

(video from Queen Official’s Youtube uploads)

Of course, this could be a complete red herring, but it’s an interesting thought that a line from decades ago might feature again somehow. The style of the song is going to remain a mystery for a while yet; will it be a power ballad in the style of WWTLF? A rock classic like Hammer to Fall? Or something else?

In the meantime, Ghost Town will break the internet overnight, I will wake up to thousands of alerts and Twitter will be littered with dead Glamberts.  I hope enough people survive for me to chat about it tomorrow.  I’m going to be dreaming of my favourite astrophysicist guitar god who has done something tremendous for a great singer.  Night all.

Pic credit: Hiddenfifths.blogspot

Pic credit: Hiddenfifths.blogspot


17 thoughts on “Lucy on the Eve of Ghost Town

  1. LMAO omg you get us, the Glamberts, you really do…yes, the bulldozers will have to clear the streets of all the Glamberts’ bodies strewn hither and yon…love your blog ❤


  2. I love your thoughts,too!!

    I have been an Adam Lambert fan from the beginning and the fact that you write such poignant posts as a Queen fan makes me very appreciative and well aware that you are exceptionally open-minded. Thank you for supporting Adam and being constant over the many posts you have have written. I truly believe that you believe that QAL is a collaboration that works!

    Well done!!


    • Thank you! I rejoice in being open-minded; I’m always of the belief that it helps me get more out of life. I’m absolutely in favour of QAL; I think it’s worked fabulously for everyone concerned – Brian and Roger are glowing with happiness, Adam has had the benefit of being mentored by some of the very best in the business and the fans are clearly ecstatic about it. Long may it continue!


  3. Love your blog Kym – welcome to The Glamily!! I will be one of those dead bodies today lol. I was certainly Sleepwalking last night – I waited such a long time for Adam to be noticed in the UK. Boy!! Are Happy Days Here Again.


      • This interview was the first on my mind when I saw the line about the song Lucy, 8^) I Think that Adam is better secret keeper than Brian. Brian was the first who spoke about the future tour with Adam – it was about the time he did promotion for Diableries book. He said they were trying to convince Adam to do that. It was so funny to hear that interview! He sounded like a teenage girl in love! 8^D

        PS. Sorry to write so late – for all the translation of the interviews and so on I almost have no time to read…

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh goodness! Hysterical! Between Adams release of Ghost Town on Tuesday, and Brian’s Twiiter storm last night I’m exhausted!! Still Had to read your blog before I sleep. Your essays are becoming my bedtime stories! Can’t think of a better way to end the day! Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have really enjoyed your thoughts and comments and like others I am interested to see what your take on Ghost Town is. I think its great!


  6. I’ve had a few people asking me what I think of Ghost Town – I was going to wait until I’ve heard something like a TV performance of Adam singing it, as I can get more from this than from a recording.

    OK, I have to say from the outset my reaction to it is varied. I think the words are great; very interesting, and I like the acoustic verse at the beginning. But house; my head doesn’t do house, so although the chorus line is very “earwormy”, it doesn’t excite me in the way that raw rock or indie music does. For me, Adam’s best genre is rock (by a long way), but of course this is only my opinion.

    I notice that Adam has said he wanted the song to sound “schizophrenic” and if that’s the case, then he succeeded, because the song jumps from one state to another, but that doesn’t appeal to every listener. Therefore I suspect that Ghost Town won’t please everyone and I’ve already noticed from comments on Twitter that a small section of the fandom are struggling with it a bit.

    But that’s all right – we can’t like the entire output of our favourite artists. I’m a hardened Queenie but I don’t have a copy of Hot Space as it just didn’t do it for me. Also, I’m not a “chart music” person and I haven’t been for decades; when I was a teenager I chose prog rock as my thing as the commercial music of the 70s was mostly a turn-off (I guess that makes me individual, or highly cantankerous!).

    I will be interested to hear the rest of the album, as I’m sure it will cover a variety of styles. And of course, I am particularly looking forward to hearing Lucy!


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  8. I still have relatively young children who are into the pop stuff, so that is what I have been listening to for the last 20 years. I think it is just different enough that it stands a bit apart from everything else. My hope is that it is a huge commercial success because that is what Adam needs for him to be able to tour. My 23 year old daughter and her friend like it. My personal favorites of all Adams songs have been “Sleep Walker” and “Mad World”. It really does not matter what he sings I just love his voice. I too am looking forward to the “Ellen Degeneres Show” to hear him perform it live. Thanks for your reply.


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