It’s always been my wish to have nine lives, like a cat.  I have always tried to cram as much into life as possible.  I haven’t accomplished this by climbing mountains or jumping out of planes, but I’ve tried to experience life through the things that engage me.  I’ve had mad times, sad times and dark times, but I’ve learnt how to be a survivor.

I’m a musician by profession; I’ve performed in opera, sung in front of symphony orchestras, done classical recitals and even the occasional bit of cabaret.  I love all sorts of music and will listen to anything from Stravinsky to Bjork, depending on my mood.

But I love voices particularly – the human voice can make us laugh and cry, and can take us to many other places. A good voice will transport me and fill me with chills almost like nothing else can.

But I don’t just do music; I’m a technical writer and editor by day and this blog is where I can try to use the creative side of writing.


One thought on “About

  1. I love your style of writing. It really captivates me and I feel like I’m there with you. That’s weird to say and I’m not being creepy. Just wanted to say I think you are a great writer.


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